Buyer Considerations




Sweat Equity?


Someday you will Sell


Be Pre-Approved

Buying your new home should be an  exciting time. After all, you are buying your dream, perhaps your first or even your forever home. The Realtor you choose will determine how your    experience ends. Do they have Experience, are they Dedicated to you and most of all do they Listen?

Did you know you should bring your own Realtor to search for a New Build. Surprised? Think about it, who does the new build sales person work for? Ask The Muller Group what we do for New Home Buyers, we have the most comprehensive New Construction Buyers package in the business.

Did you know that dealing with the Seller’s agent may work to your disadvantage? Many think they’ll get a better deal. Ask yourself “Who does that agent have a relationship with, you or the Seller?” Who’s in your corner? Some Listing Agents won’t even deal with Buyers on their Listings.

Our Buyer’s Guide will provide you with the information you need to be a prepared Buyer and will let you know what to expect.