A newly built home offers many advantages and challenges. Advantages include that everything is new and under warranty. New homes will meet and in many cases exceed energy use guidelines.  You have the opportunity to individualize your home.

Some considerations would be that the landscaping isn’t mature. You may be forced to live in a construction zone as the neighboring homes are built.  If you need to sell prior to the development being finished you will be at a disadvantage as the Builder can respond more easily to a changing  economy.

When you visit a New Home Development you should keep in mind, That nice helpful salesperson works exclusively for the Builder , NOT YOU. Bring a Realtor, at least speak to one first. The Builder pays the Realtor so it is of no cost to you. An experienced Realtor can advise you in ways that will allow you to get the most out of your purchase.

The Muller Group has a special package for New Construction clients:

at no cost to you, we will provide:

Advice on which builder options will  increase resale value

An extra pair of trained eyes for your walk through.  Your builder will appreciate this because they want to make sure any issues are caught before you move in!

An independent home inspector to give you a final review, so you can move in with all the confidence you deserve

A home warranty that adds an extra year of protection onto the builders warranty

We communicate with the Builder, informing you of deadlines and attend the closing with you

 A discount on services for selling your existing home, when we are your agent for your new home purchase