Keys to Selling Your Home


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Affects Price
Realtor can Advise


Is There a Plan?


Price it Right!

Selling a home, Your Home, is an important decision. Who is going to handle that transaction is the most important step of that decision.

It is our task to help you price the home correctly, market your home to get the most possible Buyers and protect as much of your equity as possible as the process unfolds. The Muller Group prides itself on the depth of analysis we provide to guide you in determining the best pricing strategy for your home. We then develop an actual Marketing Plan to bring Buyers into your home. We work with the Seller through the Buyer’s Inspection and Appraisal process’ to insure the Seller’s possible repair requirements are reasonable and the home appraises for the selling price.

After all, isn’t a professionally handled sale what you are seeking?

Let us mail you our Pre-Listing Booklet. It will give you ideas on presenting your home and how to prepare for the sale.